Creating content with “super algae” as the star

Sun Chlorella

Influencer Programming

Sun Chlorella Influencer Programming


Health supplement brand Sun Chlorella ranked high in search for brand-specific terms. However, Pan Galactic knew that ranking for non-branded terms would help the company increase online sales by reaching consumers searching for top-of-the-funnel queries.


Pan Galactic developed a new and improved SEM program and SEO strategy after careful analysis of Sun Chlorella’s business goals and marketing status. The strategy focused on creating content around the benefits of chlorella in order to capture traffic of those searching non-branded product benefit queries such as body detox, improved digestion, natural health, etc. A content strategy was developed that supported SEO and social media; partnership with key health industry influencers and bloggers expanded reach.


In less than six months, the brand saw:

43% improvement in non-brand terms’ search rankings

17% increase in new site visits

18% growth of online revenue

SEM proved a positive ROI for the first time in years (that is in years prior to Pan Galactic as a partner)