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Swank K-12 Streaming Influencer Programming


Sometimes, being early to market with a new product or service presents its own challenges. Enter Swank K-12 Streaming: A service providing feature film streaming directly into classrooms, alleviating the pain points of DVDs and players management, firewalls and passwords for school districts across the country. Being early to market, search for such a service was minimal. Pan Galactic needed to find a way to promote Swank K-12 Streaming to school administrators without a large advertising budget.


Pan Galactic tapped into its past experience with client Microsoft in EDU, working with ed tech influencers. We reviewed and vetted dozens of ed tech influencers to identify one that was the right fit for Swank K-12 Streaming. Ultimately, one influencer stood out as the best match in that not only was her content of great quality and a good fit, she maintained a dedicated and engaged audience and a dedicated SEO program to her own site. The partnership consisted of an original article on Swank K-12 Streaming written by the influencer, as well as multiple emails and social posts shared by the influencer on behalf of Swank.


254 new leads generated

A low bounce rate (30%) and high average time on site (3.5 minutes) showed strong engagement by the audience referred by the influencer

Email and social posts brought 1,000+ users to the site

Blog post ranks for 194 keywords and continues to bring organic traffic to Swank K-12 Streaming