Facebook Social Media Marketing: A Checklist for your Business Page

Having a strategic plan in place is paramount before starting any social media marketing. Here is a quick checklist specifically for Facebook Pages that I always use with clients. I hope it helps you kick off a successful social media marketing program!

Created measurable goals including but not limited to: (Check all that apply)

Drive more traffic to your website

Build your email list

Sell more products/services

Announce special offers and promotions

Announce events

Share news

Provide value to your prospects and customers

Share photos and videos

Get feedback from clients and prospects

Improve your relationships with your prospects and customers

Improve Search Engine Optimization


Identified and researched your target audience.

You know who they are and what problems they have

You know they’re present on Facebook because you’ve:

Interacted with them on Facebook already

Utilized published research found online. For example graphs and charts.

Utilized the Facebook Ad creation process to study the actual numbers of potential prospects.

Been using Facebook successfully and know it’s time to add a fan page.



Created a short term plan that includes but is not limited to: (Check all that apply)

Welcome tab

Opt In tab

Product/Services tab

Questionnaire/Survey tab

Video tab





Promotions/special offers

Twitter and other social networking links


Integrated your fan page into your existing marketing tactics and strategies. Including:

Email signature


Other social networking sites



 Invited all existing customers and subscribers of other social networks to your page.


Created a plan to consistently add value to your Facebook page.


Analytics – Created a plan to consistently analyze and study your page results to ensure that you’re on track to meet your goals. You’ve created a plan to analyze:

The number of interactions you have had with fans each day or week.

The number of comments you had on your posts.

The demographics of your fans

The tabs, content, or applications that receive the most interest and interaction


About Pan Galactic

Pan Galactic is an SEO Agency in St. Louis, Missouri. We also serve many clients as their primary Social Media Marketing firm.

We are renaissance Search Marketers who also have experience in email marketing, display advertising, and paid search. This broad background enables us to create unified strategies for brands across all digital channels and use data from one channel to inform decisions in another. Our past work runs the gamut from small, local businesses to household brand names like Dell Computers, Shasta, Purina, Botox, Columbia Sportswear, Kotex, and Coach.

Pan Galactic has cultivated relationships with the major search engines and Social Networks. Our staff has been a beta tester for the Bing interface, Google’s Agency Land Search Marketing education portal, as well as numerous social media analytics platforms. We are also certified in the use of Google’s Adwords PPC marketing program, Google Analytics, and proficient with paid advertising on various Social Media networks.

Because of our experience with digital marketing, Pan Galactic’s staff has been asked to speak at several local conferences and has been asked to blog for Searchfuel, Trada, Hubspot, Social Fresh, and Marketing Profs.