My Best Friend in Online Marketing: Steve Jobs

I was on an emotional roller coaster already. The “cardiac” Cardinals were slugging it out, and, while I am admittedly a summertime soldier in regards to baseball, I was thrilled. At each commercial break, I checked Twitter to see what my friends were saying about the game. That’s when I saw the tweet from CNN.

Like most shocking news I read on Twitter, I immediately went to the New York Times site in order to verify the news. It was true. Steve Jobs had passed away.

While I’m not a lifetime mac user, the first computer I had access to was a Commodore 64, I began to appreciate their value in my professional life. Living and working in the digital world requires one main tool: a computer. Living and working in the digital world and not losing your mind requires one main tool: a computer that works.

I suffered through most of the 90s and early 2000s working on PCs. The number of times I had a “perfect” keyword list going, great music pumping in my headphones, generally feeling like I was god’s gift to SEO, and then got the blue screen of death are beyond number. What other product in our lives did we embrace with such fervor that broke down half the time? How long would you put up with a phone or a TV or a blender if you had to restart it every fifth time you used it?

Macs just work.

In my chosen career, that’s what I need more than anything. A tool that works every time you use it.

My torrid love affair with the iPod and iPhone are for another post. Today, I just want to say thank you Steve Jobs for making my work day more productive, more efficient, and more fun!


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