Weathering the COVID storm to get back to business

Fernandez Law


Fernandez Law  SEO/UX


Fernandez Law is a St.Louis-based personal injury law firm that offers legal representation to those who have experienced catastrophic incidents such as a catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and medical malpractice. In March 2020 – as the coronavirus global pandemic heightened and stay-at-home orders were enacted – Fernandez Law saw a decline in traffic and case leads due to fewer individuals commuting, hospitals delaying elective procedures, and the suspension of jury trials.


Pan Galactic used the “down time” during the spring and early summer to optimize the site to improve its search engine visibility and increase conversion rate optimization (CRO), putting it in an optimal position once trials resumed and St. Louis began to slowly reopen.


600% increase in search engine visibility for desired keywords in the St. Louis area within five months of optimization 

Organic traffic returned to pre-pandemic levels

Calls increased month-over-month for six months in a row and returned to pre-pandemic numbers