About Us

Here’s the thing: We’re data nerds. When a new client grants us access to their Google Analytics or other account, we can’t wait to get in there to see the data and what it can tell us about the possibilities of doing great digital marketing. Data delights and excites us.



At Pan Galactic, we do not specialize in a certain category or channel -- this is by design. Developing marketing strategies for a wide client variety keeps us informed and engaged.

We care very much about relationships. This means both that we are seeking only mutually beneficial and enjoyable client-agency partnerships, and that we want that relationship to be lasting.

While we will do a project or two for a new client as a get-to-know-each other exercise, to date we have had a retainer relationship with every one of our clients. The retainer is a monthly set fee based on the number of hours it will take to complete the defined scope of work. We and our clients find that it makes for the best communication, ambitious stream of work and leads to the best results for everyone.

So what are we up for taking on? Share your challenge with us, and we will tell you if it’s in our wheelhouse. If it isn’t, we will always be honest about this with you and do our best to refer you to an agency or other partner to help.


Work with

We are frank with our insights and use our open and honest client relationships to share and seize opportunities to do better.


We enjoy learning new skills and testing new approaches to figure out what works.


If we say we will do something, it gets done. Extreme ownership!


We maintain a culture of collaboration to find solutions as a team.

Take Care
of Yourself

Throughout the workday, we prioritize our personal and mental health. It keeps us performing at our best.


Lara McDougall Reed, President

To borrow the title from Will Ferrell’s character in the 2014 LEGO Movie, Lara is (a benevolent!) Lord Business. She is a chief strategist for all client work and oversees the Pan Galactic business, operations, and client service of the agency.

Prior to leading the team at Pan Galactic, ​Lara worked at a variety of agencies based in the midwest and New York. Her marketing expertise spans from the traditional to niche digital, as well as some time spent in account planning and research.​ Current and past clients include companies and brands in the financial, entertainment, spirits, agricultural, medical and CPG sectors.

​She lives in Webster Groves, Missouri, a near suburb of St. Louis, with her two cats, two kids, two dogs, and one husband.

Jared Reed, CEO

If there had to be a king of the data nerds at Pan Galactic, Jared would wear the crown. His obsession with data and problem-solving is so great that he has to set timers to keep himself from going too-too far down the information rabbit hole!

Starting his career when Yahoo was powered by Google, Jared began his journey in organic and paid search (SEO and SEM) and now is the guy you want in your corner for all data-informed marketing initiatives. He has been a beta tester for Google and Bing and is a knowledgeable and fun* speaker to have at marketing conferences. He can banter with the best of them at Google and break down complex algorithms or concepts for the ‘layest’ of lay people.

He has and continues to lend support to both small- to medium-size local, St. Louis based clients as well as Fortune 500 clients across the US and internationally.

In his spare time Jared does fair-weather cycling with friends, tries new craft beers or watches Marvel movies with his kids.

*Voted Funniest in His Class AND Most Fun to Be Around his senior year of high school.