Feeling hot and sunny with Google Ad scripts

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Eastman Performance Films  Google Ads


Wishing to further support lead generation to Find A Dealer for LLumar performance film, Eastman called for a paid search campaign to increase consumer calls to LLumar window tint dealers.


Pan Galactic set a goal of reaching consumers during a key time consumers would be searching for window tint: when they were feeling hot! Extensive keyword research found that search volume for “car window tint” and similar keywords peaks from March to August. With this knowledge, Pan Galactic created a Google Adwords weather-based campaign that increased bids in real-time as the temperature rose and decreased bids as it fell.


Temperature adjusted bids delivered 

5% more clicks at an 11% lower cost per click

3% increase in Find A Dealer conversions at a 9% lower cost per conversion

The test was deemed a success and resulted in the Google temperature script being applied to all LLumar window tint Google Ads campaigns

Furthermore, this winning strategy paved the way to further consider ways to use the weather script, and a UV-based campaign was born. In the first 3 winter months of the UV program, Google Ads campaigns that were bidding up by UV saw a 74% increase in conversions at nearly half the price in cost per conversion.