You Gotta Have a Plan, Man

Microsoft in Education

Social Media Strategy

Microsoft in Education Social Media Strategy


The education business unit of Microsoft was active on social media but didn’t have a program strategy or understanding of how its channels were performing.


After auditing the social program and identifying opportunities, Pan Galactic developed a social media strategy to support the Microsoft education unit’s overarching business and marketing goals. This included directives to revise the editorial agenda, reframe KPIs and launch on two social platforms—LinkedIn and Pinterest—in the coming year.

To make sure each platform continues to meet each KPI, Pan Galactic provides monthly social media analytics reporting and recommendations for optimization and an annual strategic plan and playbook. As such, Microsoft has a social media program that not only contains engaging content, but also helps to meet the client’s business goals.


211% increase in engagement on Facebook and a 283% increase on Twitter

Successful launches on Pinterest and LinkedIn that allowed Microsoft’s education unit to reach a new audience

Gained new programming that connects with and engages industry influencers to increase reach and engagement