Using Data to Drive Leads for the Underdog

NewLeaf Symbiotics

Lead Generation

NewLeaf Symbiotics  Lead Generation


NewLeaf Symbiotics is a sustainable agriculture start up that discovers, develops, produces and commercializes ag biologicals. Pan Galactic needed to find ways to drive potential customers to get in touch with the sales team and to showcase 2020 yield data - all with a tight budget as a late stage startup in its first commercial year.


Pan Galactic used multiple channels to reach potential customers during their buying season journey. Tactics included:

Leveraging CTAs on the site to increase email sign ups, segmenting lists, and sending strategic messages to target audiences

Partnering with design team to develop landing pages that highlighted 2020 yield data and current product resources

Launching two digital media campaigns to efficiently and effectively build awareness within the agriculture community


Pan Galactic was able to drive traffic, email sign ups, and leads to the site and yielded the following results:

19% increase in site traffic

Increased email sign ups and leads