Facebook Social Media Marketing: A Checklist for your Business Page

Having a strategic plan in place is paramount before starting any social media marketing. Here is a quick checklist specifically for Facebook Pages that I always use with clients. I hope it helps you kick off a successful social media marketing program! Created measurable goals including but not limited to: (Check all that apply) Drive … Read more

All Encompassing Media Consumption with GetGlue

What is it? Social Media check in service Check in to Books, TV Shows, Sports Programs, Movies, Music, Video Games,  and … Thinking about Celebrities and Topics. What’s the Hook? Earn Stickers (badges) Earn enough virtual stickers and get a real sticker Recommendations based on your connections’ interests and your interests You can become a … Read more

My Best Friend in Online Marketing: Steve Jobs

I was on an emotional roller coaster already. The “cardiac” Cardinals were slugging it out, and, while I am admittedly a summertime soldier in regards to baseball, I was thrilled. At each commercial break, I checked Twitter to see what my friends were saying about the game. That’s when I saw the tweet from CNN. … Read more