You’re Missing One Heck Of A Social Media Party!

In my ongoing quest to provide brands with solid, data driven reasons why they should participate in Social Media Marketing, I present to you this awesome infographic. Beyond the ranking signals that can help your site in the search engines, just look at the amount of traffic and participation! That’s a lot of eyeballs on … Read more

Save Money & Time by Making Your Site Easier to SEO

A Website Recipe for SEO Love All too often as SEOs, we’re asked to work our magic on sites that require drastic reconfiguration before we can even begin to make our first recommendation.  I’ve seen sites where all the text is locked up in images, or a custom CMS has been created and Title Tags … Read more

Mobile Commerce: Why You Need a Mobile Site Right Now.

When I first began working in Search Engine Marketing back in the early 2000s, I often had to work hard at proving to companies that they needed my services. At that time business owners didn’t understand digital. Only a few of them had websites, and those that did couldn’t grasp why they needed to do … Read more

Why SEOs Can’t Ignore Mobile & Tablets

Mobile and Tablet SEO are the Future! I read two pieces recently that really made me think about the future of my work and the marketing and advertising business in general. The first was an article stating how soon there will be more smartphones than people on the planet. The second was about Kate Spade … Read more

Could Social Media Have Saved Whitney Houston?

Social Media for Good Being a kid of the 80s, I was shocked this weekend when I learned of Whitney Houston’s death. I might add that I was not surprised. She had been troubled for a very long time. Many years ago I lost a friend to Depression, and I thought a lot about both … Read more

Embraceable You: How SEO and PPC Can Save Your Business

Yes, Search Marketing (SEO & PPC) can save your failing business model. A few years ago, all we heard was the doom and gloom forecast over where the entertainment industry was heading. Everyone pointed the finger at the same place: Internet Piracy. Why pay for the cow, when you get the milk for free? Flash … Read more

SEO and Social Media Killed the Commercial Star

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media’s Next Frontier is your Television Set I cut my ties to the cable industry about three years ago. With the tools currently available, there’s very little reason to hand over $100+ a month to companies that make you pay for ten shopping channels, 14 religious channels, and a bunch … Read more

SEO 101: The Anatomy of a Perfect Website.

This SEO Agency Nugget is One Anatomy Class You Won’t Find “Gross” A great SEO agency is just one of the many things that go into constructing a great website, and it’s often hard to get all your digital oars pulling together. I was part of the failed “agency within an agency” that was Enfatico. … Read more

Know Your Social Media: The Facebook Fan Anatomy

  All Facebook Fans Are Not Created Equal By now, you should know that I’m a big fan of infographics. Back when I was a pre-digital newspaper reader, I hated the things. They felt like an insult to my intelligence. But, in the digital world, where your attention is a commodity, infographics feel like someone … Read more

Content Marketing + SEO + Social Media = BFFs!

SEO and Social Media Central to Content Marketing The internet should really be called Short Attention Span Theater, which is why I love infographics for getting across esoteric knowledge in the fastest way possible. I came across this great infographic from Maketo this morning and had to share it. Other than being loaded with great … Read more

SEO Updates: How Google Killed the Longtail of Search

Who’s Watching YOUR SEO? Love this infographic from SEOBOOK. Not only is it chock full of great information, but it’s also a good example of why it’s important to hire an SEO professional that stays abreast of all the latest developments in SEO. Of course, Bing and Yahoo and all the other search engines are … Read more

The Three Stages of Facebook

Social Media guru, Heraclitus, had it right over 2,000 years ago. The only constant is change. Not long ago, Facebook made sweeping changes that incensed many. People talked about hitting the road and moving to Google +. In reality, one friend of mine on Facebook left. Let’s face it The Social Network isn’t going away. … Read more

Paid Search (PPC) Negative Keywords 101

SEO, PPC, Social Media Pan Galactic St. Louis

PPC Negative Keywords: What are they? Negative keywords are an extremely valuable tool that can be used to increase account performance by improving overall traffic quality. Done correctly, negative keyword optimization can remove the need to restrict high volume/spend keywords through match type modification or day-parting & prevent internal competition of similar keywords. When you … Read more