Pan Galactic Digital Awarded New Business From Stereotaxis

  Pan Galactic Digital is pleased to announce its newest client. The agency has been awarded new business from Stereotaxis, a St. Louis-based healthcare technology and innovation leader in the development of robotic cardiology instrument navigation systems. These systems are designed to enhance the treatment of arrhythmias and coronary disease. Stereotaxis also works to develop information … Read more

Engagement Should Drive Mobile Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Click To Download 2015 was definitely the year of mobile. As was 2014. And 2013. 2012 was too. Let’s not forget 2011. Or 2010. I’m not a betting woman, but my guess is that not only will 2016 be the year of the monkey, the Rio Olympics and the U.S. presidential election, but also it will … Read more

Announcing Cardinals Nation & Cardinals Special Events As New Clients

Pan Galactic Digital is thrilled to announce the agency has been awarded two new clients: Cardinals Nation and Cardinals Special Events. The two are subsidiaries of the MLB-owned St. Louis Cardinals. Cardinals Nation comprises Cardinals Nation Restaurant & Bar, AT&T Rooftop, Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum and the Cardinals Authentics Shop, all in the … Read more

Google Contributor: The Future of the Web?

Google Contributor is a subscription-based service that allows site visitors to see fewer ads as they browse in Google’s network. Subscribers can spend $2, $5 or $10 per month in order to decrease the number of ads they see on sites that are Contributor compatible. Note that users will still see some ads using this … Read more

5 Reasons Your Business Should Publish on Medium

Medium: You’ve probably heard of it. And you probably don’t know much more than its name. What am I supposed to do with it? (Publish all of your juicy content.) Is it a social network? (No.) Can businesses join? (Absolutely—and there’s a great chance yours should!) At its simplest, Medium is a content publishing platform. … Read more

4 Twitter Chats for CMOs

One of the best things about the field of marketing is that the landscape is constantly changing. Just a decade ago, a snap was what Elle Wood’s sorority was giving her. Now, it’s a way for brands to interact with fans. Brands like Nordstom and Lilly Pulitzer weren’t working with bloggers as a form of … Read more

Social Networks Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

When live-streaming video apps Meerkat and Periscope started attracting oohs and ahhs a few months back, like most digital marketers I was curious about the new social platforms. The idea of showing the internet your world in real-time is certainly a seductive one; social media has made us all voyeurs, after all. (Why else would … Read more


Pan Galactic is pleased to announce that Rachel Kiser has joined Pan Galactic Digital as Digital Marketing Specialist. Kiser will help analyze clients’ data and identify trends to make appropriate business recommendations. She will also manage content creation initiatives. Previously, she was a social media specialist at Cat5 Commerce, a St. Louis-based ecommerce company that … Read more

Next Google Update Targets Mobile

Webmasters have been wondering for a few months now if a new Google update targeting mobile friendliness is coming. First, the search engine rolled out a feature that would label mobile-friendly sites as such in the mobile search engine result pages. Next, Google began notifying webmasters if their sites weren’t mobile-friendly. Finally, Google has showed … Read more

Mobile Is Hot But Desktop Still Dominates

Just last week, I cautioned a client against throwing every available resource into mobile optimization of their site. Too often in the digital world, and maybe in the world period, a subject gets a lot of buzz, and everyone jumps on the bandwagon en masse. All too soon these individuals find themselves dismayed with where … Read more

Pan Galactic Digital Announces New Account Director

Pan Galactic Digital is excited to announce Lindsay Lockhart Marsden has joined Pan Galactic as Account Director. She brings a wealth of experience to the team, and her impressive background in data driven marketing makes her an ideal fit to fill the role. Marsden is in charge of ensuring the smooth creation and execution of … Read more

Schema Microdata: Stand Out In Search

If Anthropologie is known for anything beside its bohemian vibe, it’s its window displays. They are so important to the brand’s integrity, the pretty exhibits are even part of the digital marketing strategy. Blog posts explain the creativity behind each season’s display while Pinterest boards capture the store’s whimsical spirit as seen through the glass … Read more

Pan Galactic Digital Unveils New Office Space

Pan Galactic Digital is pleased to announce relocation to a new office in downtown Kirkwood. The new location, at 108 N. Kirkwood Road, will accommodate growth in staff and inspires a creative environment for employees. The space provides easy access to highways 40 and 44 and sits in the Kirkwood Special Business District. The Kirkwood … Read more

Welcome Our New COO, Lara Reed

Lara McDougall Reed has joined Pan Galactic Digital as Chief Operational Officer. She will play a key role in strategy development for clients, as well as oversee all business and operations of the agency. Lara brings a fantastic breadth of marketing knowledge to Pan Galactic. Most recently she managed a satellite office for New York-based … Read more

Need to Know SEO: Follow vs NoFollow Links

“Follow” vs “NoFollow” Links & SEO Success No matter the web property, one of the main goals is to get as much quality traffic as possible to your site. In order to do this, you need to concentrate on making your website attractive for search engines and users.  This is a process known as search … Read more

Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation in 5 Easy Steps

  Social Media is quickly becoming one of the most valuable tools in a marketer’s bag of tricks. By creating accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, you can engage the community, and build a following in a way traditional advertising could never do. Because of the fluid and unpredictable nature of social networking, however, many … Read more