SEO 101: On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO

A big part of every client relationship we have at Pan Galactic centers around education. Search Engine Optimization is intangible, highly technical, and just downright confusing to many people. Our 101 posts are a response to this situation. Whenever we get enough questions coming through the door on a topic, out comes a blog post! … Read more

An Easy Explanation of Why You Need SEO

Last Friday, I met with one of my clients to talk about the latest work that Pan Galactic, my search engine optimization agency, had done on their ecommerce site. The developers that I work with had just finish adding a new product line to the site, and I was excited to talk about well the … Read more

Generate Your Own Infographics with

I’m a lover of infographics, that much should be apparent by now. Pre-internet, I often looked down my nose at USA Today, and their profusion of infographics. Let’s face it, the fire hose blast of info that is the internet today is almost impossible to stay on top of. Thus my love of infographics! Pan … Read more

Think SEO Is Dead? Think Again.

Every  couple of years, I read about the supposed death of SEO and Search in general. With the rise of Social Media, there were times when it really seemed like it could happen. For example, back in 2010, ComScore pointed out that users spend way more time on Facebook than they do on Google. It … Read more

Save Money & Time by Making Your Site Easier to SEO

A Website Recipe for SEO Love All too often as SEOs, we’re asked to work our magic on sites that require drastic reconfiguration before we can even begin to make our first recommendation.  I’ve seen sites where all the text is locked up in images, or a custom CMS has been created and Title Tags … Read more

Mobile Commerce: Why You Need a Mobile Site Right Now.

When I first began working in Search Engine Marketing back in the early 2000s, I often had to work hard at proving to companies that they needed my services. At that time business owners didn’t understand digital. Only a few of them had websites, and those that did couldn’t grasp why they needed to do … Read more

Why SEOs Can’t Ignore Mobile & Tablets

Mobile and Tablet SEO are the Future! I read two pieces recently that really made me think about the future of my work and the marketing and advertising business in general. The first was an article stating how soon there will be more smartphones than people on the planet. The second was about Kate Spade … Read more